The Day of the Dialogue was formed and organized for the first time in Rotterdam after the September 11 2001 tragic event in the United States of America. The day of the Dialogue has provided its participants the opportunity to be closer to each other through sharing formerly considered unspeakable issues. The experience of being able to express their thoughts has helped them gain new insights as members of the Dutch society.

Other cities such as Schiedam, Hengelo, Berlin, and Amsterdam have followed this example and have organized their own Day of the Dialogue. In 2005 two parties from Rotterdam and Amsterdam have taken the initiative to introduce the concept of the Day of the Dialogue to other cities. Together they further developed this concept by writing a handbook containing the step-by-step procedure in organizing a day for a dialogue, with an encouragement on ersonal/home- style approach. In addition, they have developed websites providing information on the subject and they have organized various workshops as well.

The National Advisory Committee was established in 2008 and it consists of national organizations namely Albert Heijn, the Netherlands’ Red Cross, the Rabobank and Woningcorporatie Ymere. These organizations have committed themselves to the cause of the Day of the Dialogue by stimulating and supporting its growth. Het Oranje Fonds made the development of the Netherlands in Dialogue possible from the start. In Eindhoven, in the year of 2009, the Day of the Dialogue was held for the first time based on 100% social capital or voluntary work. It was possible through the combined efforts of the committed and hard- working members of the community.

Each year in the first week of November in about 100 cities and villages the Dialogue takes place.
More information: http://www.nederlandindialoog.nl/Beginpagina/ (Dutch)