Register and Join Nov 2nd: Simply Happy in Brainport

Friday November 2nd, Day of Dialogue Eindhoven 2018

The Day of Dialogue comes in our vision again

“Life is a meeting and the place where that happens is in dialogue”
“What does it need to engage the heart of others?”
“The ability to celebrate the authenticity of each one.”

Friday the 2nd of November we can experience this all again at the Day of Dialogue in Eindhoven. Herewith we warmly invite you to participate.

The theme of the dialogue

The theme that has been chosen for the Day of Dialogue in Eindhoven of 2018, is “Simply happy in Brainport”.
A beautiful dialogue starts with a beautiful thought, a beautiful thought starts with a beautiful question.
What is my definition of a city in which I could feel simply happy?
What is my own best experience of feeling happy in an environment? What was making it special so that I could feel happy?

How would Eindhoven Brainport look like as a city in which I can feel simply happy? How would I experience this in a dream vision? How would I personally contribute to that? Altogether, this is a hugely rich theme for personal reflection and engaging exchanges which are the trademark of our 4-steps dialogueform.

Nov 2 you can join an evening dialogue at Stichting Ik Wil:

Stichting Ik Wil

Next to that you can the evening Dialogues at TU/e in Dialogue on Nov 27th:

TU/e in Dialogue